Cannot start the Meetmii Video Meeting application


If you are getting an error message when you first try to start or join a Meetmii video meeting that says "Cannot Start Application", or if your application stays in a "connecting" mode and times out to a "Network error, please try again" or "Can't connect to our service, please check your network connection and try again" -- a possible explanation is that your company has a firewall in place which is restricting you from accessing our video server.


Following are notes and information that your IT staff will need in order to whitelist the Meetmii Zoom servers:

  • Network Firewall

  •      Check your network connection by opening a browser and ensure that you can access

  •      For network firewall settings, please allow UDP and TCP port 8801, 8802 and 8804 inbound and outbound for all outbound IP ranges.

  •      If we unable to connect via 8801, 8802 or 8804, we will use TCP port 443 SSL for all outbound IP ranges

  • URL filter that is blocking access to

  •      If you know what the firewall/URL filter is, please let us know via, and we will contact the vendor to update their categorization.

  •      You can also contact your IT admin to re-categorize from new (parked domain) to a business website.

  • Proxy server

  •      We also support HTTP proxy server. You may be prompted to enter the proxy settings on the client.



Others can’t see your video image?


  • Make sure camera icon is not disabled

  • Click on Settings

  • Make sure your preferred camera is selected














Can’t hear other speakers or they can’t hear you?


  • Make sure microphone icon is not muted

  • Click on Audio

  • Make sure your preferred speakers and microphone are selected

  • Click on the test speakers and test microphone buttons to test

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