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The Earth Archive Virtual Congress

An unprecedented scientific effort to create a digital twin of the entire surface of the Earth and everything on it before it's too late.

Chapter I : The Amazon

June 15th - 16th 2021

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The Earth Archive is an emerging conservation initiative that is revolutionizing the fight against the climate crisis. By scanning the planet’s land surface with very high resolution lidar, the Earth Archive will create a true three-dimensional digital twin of our world — an open source, digital record of the Earth that will reflect the landscape exactly as it was at the time of scanning. With this endeavor, the Earth Archive is positioned to provide geospatial data that will serve as the baseline for understanding and exploring our world. 

Join global academics, NGOs, public sector, and technology providers at the Earth Archive Virtual Congress for updates and discussions on this unique project.


The Earth Archive

The Earth Archive

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While our scope is the entire planet, we’ve tasked ourselves with first scanning areas that are not only most susceptible to change, but also deep in value for understanding our past. The 2021 inaugural Earth Archive Congress is centered on our initial campaign to scan the entire Amazon Basin. The  Amazon rainforest plays a monumental role in the Earth’s climate, has an incredibly rich Indigenous history, and boasts a remarkable level of ecological diversity — but is vanishing before our eyes. With the ability to digitally preserve landscapes at any moment in time, very high resolution lidar can enhance archaeological, anthropological, and conservation studies and provide needed information to help advance sustainable development, as well as provide us with more groundbreaking revelations of the Amazon’s astounding past. 

The Congress will connect researchers, students, NGOs, stakeholders, indigenous groups, governmental officials, and corporate interests to become partners in this groundbreaking effort. Expanding the global Earth Archive community in this way encourages all levels of society to collaborate on a project that could prove fundamental to a solution for climate change. Join us for this hybrid event to become part of this unprecedented initiative.

 - Christopher Fisher PhD.

   Archaeologist, Director of The Earth Archive

   Professor of Anthropology, CSU

Supporting Organizations

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Learn about advances in earth observation technology to help solve complex environmental and ecosystem challenges in addition to identifying ancient archeological treasures. Innovative satellite, aerial and drone technologies now enable rapid and large scale mapping to support programs to preserve archeological sites, restore ecosystems and support climate change mitigation and adaptation. These critical technologies hold the promise of solving our most challenging environmental and social challenges while enabling the recording of priceless archeological sites.



Showcase your innovative technologies, businesses, research and programs to a global community of public and private sector enterprises who have bias for action in solving our most challenging environmental and social challenges in one of the most valuable global resources - the Amazon. This unique event will deliver near and long term value to participants and sponsors.

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Connect and build relationships with thought leaders from multi-national corporations, public sector, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and civil society. The event will catalyze action and build a roadmap for addressing critical issues such as climate change, ecosystem health and preservation of our archeological resources. The event will provide a unique and dynamic experience for networking and connecting with diverse thought leaders and stakeholders. 

The Earth Archive Board of Directors

The Earth Achieve advisory group comprises global leaders in technology, business, academic research, non-governmental organizations and the publics sectors. Our advisors are committed to solving the most challenging economic, environmental and social problems through innovative technologies such as LiDAR mapping and data science. They have a bias for action and collaboration with a commitment to be bold and have an impact on our most challenging global issues.

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