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The Earth

Archive Virtual Congress

Powerful keynotes, collaborative panel discussions, hands-on networking, in-depth breakouts

Who Should Attend



Industry Leaders



Geologists, Geographers

Remote science specialists,

Data management

Computer scientists


Urban and regional planners


Wildlife biologists

Field scientists


Program directors, Conservationists

Rural development workers

Research centers (relevant NASA programs, CGIAR centers)


Geospatial analysts


GIS software companies

Remote sensing instrumentation companies

Regional Government Authorities

Cultural management officials

National Parks administrators

Urban and regional planners

Environmental protection agency administrators

International Finance and Donor Organizations

Bilateral and Multilateral donors

Who Should Attend

Conference Highlights

Powerful Keynotes

Each day will feature thought-provoking and engaging keynote presentations designed to anchor the day’s learning.

Collaborative Panel Discussions

We will host several collaboration sessions featuring panels of experts, delving into topics covered by the presenters in the context of regional specific issues and industry use cases.

Hands-On Networking

Throughout the day there will be the opportunity to meet with industry leaders, sponsors, and other attendees in our unique proximity-audio-based networking platform.

In-Depth Breakouts

A variety of workshops and breakout sessions will take serious, in-depth looks at timely topics.

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